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Surprise cut: LT Bob Whitfield

Dirk Diggler

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Originally posted by Dirk Diggler


The funny thing is, he'd be on line at the window right behind Darren Woodson, who is even older.

The funniest thing though is Vinny Testeverde, who is old enough to be their father.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Hmmm, thats funny.

I think Woody will know when to hang em up.

Wont wear out his welcome and have to be cut after training camp.

And do you mean the same Testaverde that will beat the Skins this season?:cool:

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Originally posted by Die Hard

Did you see Whitfield's play on Friday?

I was shaking my head. He was playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers... and getting demolished. Especially to the outside.

I knew he was washed up then.

Hey the guy only has one eye. The other one is glass. ;)

Glad to see you back. By the way, how many woodpeckers did you bag on your recent hunting trip? I read where woodpecker season opened up in Canada on August 1st. ;)

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Originally posted by Dirk Diggler


I'm sure you felt the same about Emmitt Smith.

There's no reason to believe he'll be any different than any other headstrong has-been. And the list is too long to count.


Keep piling on those yards Emmitt.

Distance yourself so no one will ever catch your record.

Run Emmitt Run.

He got the record as a Cowboy. It was a bright spot during a bad season.

I knew it would be his last season and I was ready for it.

If he wants to continue to play beyond his years, thats his perogative and right. Hes earned it.

Is he tarnishing his career a little? Sure.

But in the meantime, he's making sure no one will ever break his record.

I dont have a problem with that since he's doing no harm to Dallas.

As for Testaverde, I think Parcells knows a thing or two about QBs. If he beleives that Testaverde can still play, I also dont have a problem with that.

Besides, hes just keeping the seat warm for a young Mr. Henson.

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