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Somebody is giving us props on ESPN and it isn't the fat one.


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Just on ESPN sportscenter, Dan Patrick asked Sean Salisbury who is this yrs Carolina Panthers and Salisbury said probably no one but the team that will come close is? Thats right he said the Washington Redskins.

Salisbury said that Redskins will go deep into the playoffs but not to the Super Bowl. He said Portis will have a huge season (1600-1700 yard season) and that Gibbs will win the coach of the year.

He was speaking highly of Gibbs.

Did anybody else catch this?

I like this guy.:)

See ESPN gives Redskins props.

Its on baby!!!

Also earlier on PTI , the topic was "who will have a better season, Testerverde or Brunell ?" and steven a Smith and wilbon picked Brunell.

Thats right baby!

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Originally posted by keith

Hmmm. I swear he said it. He also said Gibbs would win the coach of the year. He didnt say what the redskins record would be though.

Am i the only one who saw this?

Nobody watches the 6pm sports center?

No, we are not doubting he said it tonight. I am saying he changed his tune again!

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