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Fantasy Football help...please?


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I got into a fantasy football league last year. A friend of mine had a league and had a member that didn't maintain his team and asked me(after about 4 weeks into the season) if I would take it over and run it,which I did.

This Sunday, we will have our fantasy draft and we get to keep three players from last year. My team absolutely stunk last year because I had Mike Vick (who was injured) and really no one who stood out. I also have the #1 pick this year.

Who (outside of Vick) do you recommend I keep?

QB- Michael Vick Atanta

QB- Anthony Wright Baltimore

QB- David Carr Houston

QB- Patrick Ramsey Washington

RB- Ricky Williams Miami(Retired)

RB- Ladell Betts Washington

RB- Thomas Jones Chicago

WR- Peter Warrick Cincinnati

WR- Charles Lee Tampa Bay

WR- Jerry Porter Oakland

TE- Alge Crumpler Atlanta

TE- Marcus Pollard Indianapolis

K- Matt Bryant Giants

DEF- Tennessee

I was thinking : Vick, Crumpler and either Palmer or Tenn. def. ?

Your opinions are wanted and appreciated.............DieselPwr44

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ricky williams


seriously, i've got just one word to say regarding that list....YUCK!

Tenn defense i'd keep, the rest you can toss up in the air pick whatever lands first and it probably wouldn't matter.

possibly Ramsey if you want a backup QB to Vick...but who knows if/when he'll start.

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Crumpler and Thomas Jones. You really need to get 2 quality running backs in the draft. How many teams are in your league?

BTW, I say Crumpler because their is a tremendous upside for him as long as Vick is healthy (which you are already counting on). If Crump pays off you will have a tremendous advantage over most opponents because past Heap and Gonzales the TEs really drop off.

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Can you ask for a do over?

Otherwise Vick, Jones and Porter. Don't keep a defense, they are usually one of the last positions you want to fill. Hopefully someone good is left at #1 for your pick or you are going to be in for a long season.

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You said, "we get to keep three players". Do you have to keep three players? If you don't keep three do you get to draft extra. Some leagues allow players to not keep players and only they draft in the first rounds. Vick is really your only keeper. If you have to keep three then I say keep Thomas Jones and Porter.

Good luck. Draft well, watch the waiver wire, and hang in there this year. Build your team for the future this year and you'll be ready to take over next year.

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Crumpler and Jones. Other teams will be hanging on to the premium backs so you'll want to get the very best possible RB with your #1 pick, and keeping Jones gets you a potentially very good duo (although, again, it depends on which RBs fall back into the draft pool... but if you don't keep Jones you risk not getting any good RBs).

For Crumpler, since you're also keeping Vick you have a potentially high-scoring combo as well as some good separation at TE (except for Gonzalez obviously -- note Heap got hurt last night and the extent of the injury is unknown).

There is an argument for Carr because Vick might get hurt and then you're up the creek QB-wise. So take Carr instead of Crumpler if you are risk averse and want solid injury insurance for Vick (or, of course, potential trade value if you want to trade for a WR).

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Ok...here's what I wound up with after the draft.......


QB: Brunell

RB: Dillion

RB: Barlow(traded Thomas for him)

RB: Bettis

WR: A.Johnson

WR: M.Muhammed

WR: Calico

WR: McCants

TE: Crumpler

TE: Kinney

K: Hall

Def: Buffalo/ Washington

Do you think I improved over what I started out with?

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Originally posted by DieselPwr44

Thanks SkinsNut73, I hope I'm at least respectable this year.

I also would like to ask the board: Would you drop Kinney and take a chance on Cooley or is it too early to tell?

I'd stick with Kinney for now...you already have enough Redskins on your team :)

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