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Lemmings fill out form letters


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August 17, 2004

AstroTurf is Back

Kos discovers at least 60 newspapers that printed as a "letter to the editor" a form letter available on the Bush campaign website that praises the president's economic policies.

Regular Political Wire readers will remember a similar plot was exposed in early 2003. At the time, newspapers pledged to fight back.

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Actually, has anybody checked to see if the people who "wrote" these letters actually exist?

Seems to me, if I'm the GOP Illuminatti, it'd be simpler to just eliminate the middlemen and send letters to the editors under other people's names.

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Originally posted by Jackson's Ward

It's better than thinking for yourself...



Damm SeeBS just got caught up with one of those "form" letters and summarily plastered it all over the air as truth. Too bad Dan Rather and entire leftist ilk media didn't heed your advise.

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