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Madden 2005 - Premium Pass


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Redskinsnation, I gotta get another game this time on 05. My handle is runwild26 or TOkilla36. I love the defensive upgrades to 05 and can finally play well with my skins 18-9 not bad for my skins.

I was gonna post on here about a tourney or league yesterday but never did.

Maybe we can get atleast 6 people then play 1 game a week then the top 4 records advance to single elimation playoffs based on seeding. If we can get more people fine i'll create a schedule if you guys are down. We can report all stats and outcomes of the games on this thread or another sticky for it maybe.

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Panel, it is 19.99, but this year dodge is sponsoring it, so its free. If u dont cancel it by aug. 1, 2005, they will charge ur credit card 19.99. I also have premium pass. My username is LaVar5621. I m currently ranked about 9,000 and have a record of 20-15 with a 0.00 DNF. I would be interested in joining an extremeskins league once the season starts.

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