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Ramsey Excuse?


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Sorry I can't believe that unlearning Spurrier's technique and system is an excuse at all..it's a very valid reason for early struggles.

Keep the chin up Patrick it will get better.

I believe that Ramsey can now become exactly what he wanted when he was drafted as long as he keeps his frustration level down.

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Unlearning the system means that Ramsey has been in the NFL for two years but got no actual usable experience. Remember, SS completely changed PR's rhythm, motion, stance, reads , etc. That makes him just a little bit better than a rookie.

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Originally posted by DieselPwr44

And from reading the article, I don't think he is making excuses. The guy's got a good head on his shoulders.

Not saying he is, I'm saying there shouldn't be any excuses from anyone if he doesn't start. He isn't making any, and neither should anyone else. :2cents:

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Relax folks. Gibbs will make Ramsey a star over time. Brunell gets the first shot and then it will be Ramsey's time in the sun.

After winning the Super Bowl with 3 different qbs, none of whom were franchise performers over the balance of their careers, Gibbs may very well be the best qb coach in league history :)

You look up the teams that won multiple Super Bowls under a single coach and you see quarterbacks like Staubach, Bradshaw, Montana, Griese, Starr, Elway, etc...

We never had those kinds of players here under Gibbs. Until now.

Ramsey is the first qb Gibbs has coached that has the type of ability to propel himself to the front rank of qbs in the league.

Again, Spurrier was the worst thing that happened to DC. And that is saying something, although the arrival of Deion ranks a close second.

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