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Bears win after 87 yard return in OT

Coach Williams

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NFL.com should have an article shortly but this was a heck of a way to lose....

The special teams coach is gonna give it to'm

Chicago Bears at 00:31

1-10-CHI44 (:31) C.Krenzel pass to J.Fryzel to SL 49 for 7 yards (J.Smith).

2-3-STL49 (:14) (Shotgun) C.Krenzel pass incomplete to J.Fryzel.

3-3-STL49 (:07) C.Krenzel pass incomplete to B.Berrian.

4-3-STL49 (:02) (Shotgun) C.Krenzel pass incomplete to B.Berrian (C.Yates).


St. Louis Rams at 15:00

J.Wilkins kicks 64 yards from SL 30 to CHI 6. A.Merritt to SL 7 for 87 yards (C.Yates).

Chicago Bears at 14:46

1-7-STL7 (14:46) P.Edinger 25 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-P.Mannelly, Holder-B.Maynard.

CHI 13 STL 10, Plays: 1 Yards: 0 Possession: 0:14.

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I'm sure Faulk will retire a Ram, I don't doubt that. But it won't be long before Steven Jackson is the starter, that's why they drafted him, to replace Faulk. I'm not saying it's happening this year, but it won't be long. Steven Jackson is already very good and is going to be great.

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Originally posted by chiefhogskin48

It was merciful that someone ended it quickly. Overtime in preseason is just wrong. Just more opportunities for guys to get injured in a meaningless game.

I'm glad our guy made that kick on Monday. I didn't want to see overtime.

Its meaningless to us the fans, but to a player on the bubble, the extra time to show what he can do is precious.

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

They should've shown that game on ESPN instead of the Ravens vs. Falcons snoozer.

That was sad

The only reason they showed that was because of Michael Vick and he took all of three snaps before sitting down :doh:

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Originally posted by Om

15 carries? In the first preseason game?

Can't remember ever seeing that before.

I think Martz was testing him. There was reports that Faulks knee might be arthritic, if thats the case, he could be preparing Jackson to be the starter. But, I agree that's an awful lot of carries in pre-season for your heir apparent. Then again, this is Martz and there is a lot of things, that he does that doesn't make sense. :confused:

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