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Moss just got richer


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A 14 million dollar signing bonus according to the NYtimes. That's some serious cap money for a guy who takes plays off. Of course when he wants to be, he's a definite game breaker, and the deal is for 8 years.

I know it makes him the highest paid WR in the league, but are there WR's you'd rather have? I think I'd take Holt and possibly Boston. I think I might even prefer Owens, but I'm no more found of his attitude than I am of Moss's. There are quite a few WR's that I think are better WRs, but they are mostly older like Carter and Bruce. I just haven't seen the consistancy that I would expect from someone of Moss's talent.

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My bad, it doesn't say he signed the 14 million dollar deal. Here's the article since getting on their page requires sign-up:

Vikings, Moss Agree on



Filed at 2:15 p.m. ET

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) -- Randy

Moss, who has been seeking the largest

contract in pro football, has agreed on a

new deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

The fourth-year wide receiver has been

seeking a deal commensurate with the $103

million, 10-year deal signed by New

England quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

The Vikings had offered to make Moss the

top-paid receiver, a deal that would include

a signing bonus of about $14 million and an

annual average salary around $7 million.

Moss said in June that it would be

``reasonable'' to expect a signing bonus

between $18 million and $20 million and an

overall package of about $100 million.

The Vikings open training camp July 29,

and owner Red McCombs had said he

wanted to have an extension before the

regular season opened.

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There is no better receiver in the NFL than Randy Moss.

Holt and Boston don't even come close, physically. Owens has the size and physical presence, but not the same speed.

You forgot to mention Marvin Harrison, who is about as reliable as they come. But again, he doesn't bring the same matchup problems that Moss does.

The thing about Moss is that he could be much better. Which is scary, because he's already the best. You usually don't use the word "dominating" when it comes to a WR, but in Moss' case, it fits. His presence affects game plans and outcomes like no other WR.

But I know what you're talking about, gbear. Moss is selfish and self-absorbed. He always seems to be right on the edge of something unsettling. And you always wonder if he's going to self-destruct and maybe take the team with him. And I wonder what's going to happen when Chris Carter retires. Is Moss going to grow up and become a leader and clutch player like Carter, or will he continue to be enigmatic.

His will be an interesting career to follow. Right now, he's the best, though.

Would I trade the whole barnyard for his services? No. But I wouldn't for any wide receiver, either. Tampa was supposedly one gamebreaking receiver away from the Super Bowl last year. Let that be a lesson.

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Moss was tied for 19th in receptions (that's a long way from first). He was 5th in yards. He was way down the list in yards after catch. He was first in tds, but only by 1 td over Harrison and two over Owens.

I'm not sure I'd say he was hands down the best. He accomplished these numbers with a hall of famer on the other side of him to keep teams from focusing too much on him.

When he came out his rookie year, he was phenominal. I won't argue that he doesn't have the most tallent of any WR. I just don't think he's the best WR. I see him take plays off, not run block, and not block down field.

With his supporting cast, I think there are a few WRs in the league that would do even better.

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Moss is not the best wide receiver in the league. Marshall Faulk is not the best running back in the league. Both, however, at their positions, are the biggest game changers in the league. Moss clearly is the biggest threat at wide receiver in football. There are other receivers though that have more skill and ability at the position. You don't get the best with Moss. You get the guy who makes the biggest impact on the defense. Moss does take too many plays off, but, opposing teams are more wary of Moss than any receiver, and probably player, in football.


Doom is in the box.

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There is no denying that Moss takes plays off and doesn't block very well. But, at age twenty four, he has more receptions and TD's than Jerry Rice at that age. Scary as Moss's talent is, it is scarier to think how much better he might get. A little maturity will go a long, long way with that guy.

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