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Just got Sirius satellite radio

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Originally posted by Woofer Magoo

Sirius radio? You're kidding right?

It's a joke, son, a joke, like two blondes having an intelligent conversation.

Hey. Hey, hey!!


I am thinking of getting Sirius also.

They are suppose to broadcast NFL games this year.


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How do Surius and XM compare?

Do the Classic Rock stations you speak of play a fair amount of obscure stuff, as opposed to the same hits one has to endure ad nauseam on regular FM classic rock stations? Man, I miss the days of FM AOR stations. :( (Yes, I'm 40)...

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XM has more coverage and better overall choice. However, Sirius has the NFL and that will mean something. The real advantage XM has is brand. You think of satellite radio and you think XM. It's like Tivo owns the brand now for Digital Recorders even if you don't have a Tivo. That's a big advantage.

Either way you'll be ok. The real difference as I understand it is that XM owns its Rock and Roll named satellites but Sirius does not. I may be wrong on that.

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