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Madden: PS2 or XBOX??????


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So I have played madden for...I have no idea how long, as long as I can remember. Since PS2 came out I have dominated on the system, mastering each new season of madden. But, I have recently purchased an HD tv and the compenant cables for my xbox. I also got xbox live recently and now I am faced with a dilemma i have been wrestling with for about 2 months now. Should I make the switch to madden on XBOX?? Better graphics, more memory, xbox live.... But of course I am used to madden on the PS2, they just go togeather. Also the controller on PS2 is so familar, important in a game like madden. Can anyone help me choose?? I realize that there is the PS2 only 15th anniversery edition this year, but that aside, what do you all think? Anyone played on both systems?? Thanx

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First off DO NOT BUY THE $60 special edition madden, it isn't worth it. Second you have to go xbox because this year both Madden and ESPN were built for the XBOX graphics not the ps2's like before.

Second go get ESPN for 19.99 and you will be amazed :) by both have fun be young :)

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