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OK,, another request

When I was young, i had a record album called "The Redskins"

and it was radio highlights of the 72 super bowl season

side one was the reg season, side 2 was the playoffs..

Anyone have this?

And if I could wish for a mircale,, does anyone have it that can be emailed or posted?


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When in doubt...check Ebay.

Appears one can be purchased on there.

Here is the link and the description:


This 33 1/3 RPM record album appears to be about 60 minutes long. The record is in excellent near-mint condition with a couple light surface marks on one side. The album is narrated by Steve Gilmartin and has the play-by-play highlights of The Washington Redskins 1972-1973 season. Has a team photo on the back of the album and a nice color in-action photo on the front of the VG condition jacket.A wonderful commemoration to a great football team ! Winning bidder please add $ 5.00 S&H. THANK YOU.

Just don't start a bidding war against each other! :redpunch:

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WOW! I wonder how much it's worth? I still have it. I'm in the process of moving so it will be a couple of weeks before I can get my entertainment center and stereo equipment hooked up in order to burn it to CD. Once that is done, I'll see if I can find a way to download it.

In addition, I can also include a recording of "Title Town" sung by Ted Vactor. It was recorded prior to the 1972 season and released on a 45 RPM record. The song prophetically claimed the Skins were going to win it all.

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

I am telling you, this board is amazing. I've said it before but it is better than a set of encyclopedias. You ask for something, and someone will find it.

Ok, where can I get a life like size replica of Godzilla?

In Dallas. He's coaching the Cowboys now.

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