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The Da Vinci Code


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Anybody read it? Just finished it and it brings up some valid points. Though, I've heard Dan Brown's historical background is less than stellar and there have been many rebuttals debunking the book. Any confirmations on this? Dangerous book to read if you're already struggling with your faith. Beware! Interesting read though.

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How exactly does a work of fiction get "debunked?" :)

Hey, just making conversation. Haven't read it yet---waiting for the paperback. Did read the prequel Angels & Demons though, and found it an entertaining read. Looking forward to being entertained with DaVinci as well.

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Not trying to be argumentative here, my friend ... but I'm thinking that anyone whose faith could truly be shattered by a work of fiction was not particularly solid in that faith to begin with. And I hadn't heard that anyone was preaching the book as "gospel," to be honest. That's actually kind of sad, and a little bit scary, if you ask me.

All I'm saying is ... it's fiction, and no matter how well researched or even just how well contrived and constructed it is ... that's all it was intended as and all it should be viewed as.

Seems like only yesterday half the world was agog over The Celestine Prophecy, too. :)

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I thought it was pretty awesome. Well, the story inside the story was the awesome part.

Obviously not everything.....actually....most things aren't going to be fact. but the concept is pretty strong. in 2000 years of history.,.....especially the first 500. It would be very easy to change the "way" things happened to fit your desires.

Why wasn't he married?

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Great book, I would hardly say his strange twist on Christian history has been debunked, more like challenged. One must be honest and admit that the church, any church, has a vested interest in a particular history being seen as true and other versions false. Any digging into it will be immediately and strongly challenged, as shown by the response to this book.

As for me I don't see what all the fuss is about. The fact that we still talk about Jesus today is testimony to his greatness during life. Not many people make such an impact that their name is known in just about every house worldwide 2000 years after their passing.

Go Jesus.

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I'm a Catholic and I loved the book. I didn't perticularly care for all the assumed Catholic bashing up front but it definitly spiced up the book for me.


The reason why some folks find this book, "a book of fiction", so chalenging to their faith is because it's not just a book of fiction. It's a historical book which wraps a rich story around fact. And because it deals with known historical secret societies and attributes rational into mystery it makes it even harder to determine where the fact ends and where the fiction starts.

I'm pretty historically literat being the product of a Jesuit education and I still have questions....

Things I believe are true..

  • There is a Priory Brotherhood
  • There was a knights Templar organization which became very powerful in dark ages europe largely because of their trade aphiliations with the east.
  • Knights Templar did run afoul of the King of France who comspired to kill them all
  • Constintine the Pagan Roman empirer did define what it was to be a Christian in the first church council of Nicia... Nician Creed
  • All the symbology in the Divici's art
  • Opus Day is a very conservative "catholic" organization
  • Opus Day is a pre Vatican councel II catholic group
  • Opus Day is a very conservative traditional catholic group
  • An assoication between Opus Day and Rome

Things I'm not to sure about..

  • Any of the secrets fo the priory brotherhood
  • Priory having anything to do with the holy grail
  • All the Jesus holy grail stuff
  • Divinci being a member much less grand master of the priory
  • Newton being a member much less grand master of the priory
  • Knights Templar being the military wing of the priory
  • Any affiliation between Rome and Opus Day
  • Opus day members inflicting pain on themselves to bring themselves closer to God like dark ages Catholics used too.

Anyway, great book. Very interesting. If your Catholic and a dogmatist who is easily offended, you'll hate it and will problable be unable to finish. Still I would recommend it. All the Jesuit proteges out there will love it.

I've got more to say about the ending but I don't want to give anything away. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the ending... nuff said....

If you liked Divinci Code I will recommend "The Rule of Four" which is also about secret societies, the church, and historical fiction. I liked Divinci better but The Rule of Four was pretty good too.

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Originally posted by hokie4redskins


Aware of as fact or aware of as theory??

A little of both.

First, the book is Fiction, the adventure is made up, however...

It is a fact that the bible never says Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, Pope Gregory decided to indicate she was a whore in one of his sermons a long long time ago and it took a life of it's own.

It's a theory as to why... Many people feel that she was made into a whore because the catholic church wanted her discredited because she was a woman and they didn't want a woman in a position of power or thought of that highly.

There have long been stories about Mary and Jesus possibly being married, Brown didn't make that up. No one can prove if they were married or not, but an argument can be made that they "might" have been. There is nothing to prove that they could not have been.

Also, many people don't know that Mary Magdelene wrote her own gospel. Hers was not included in the bible. Why it wasn't included baffles me. It was clear that Mary was closer to Jesus than any of the apostles. Why wouldn't you want her story included?

My theory is that the church didn't like her version because she basically says that Jesus was against the church as an organization (my words, I can't remember the exact wording). She warns of man made rules regarding religion and what does modern religion have??? tons and tons of rules. Her account is much more believeable than Paul's. Just to note as well, Paul not really an apostle. In the bible, the only time Paul is mentioned as an apostle is when he refers to himself, or when Luke refers to him. Luke followed Paul around and was basically his press secretary. Paul also got all his info on Jesus second hand from Peter. So why was Mary's first hand account left out of the bible yet Paul's second hand stuff forms the basis of millions of people's faith.


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christians better hope that nothing code says it true. it would throw their whole belief system into chaos! it would be like proof that aliens exist getting out into the public... we are not alone. god did not make only man, and most certainly not in his image.... but then i am sure the church when change what they have been saying for hundreds/thousands of years to include any extra-terrestrial species as being made by god along, etc.... and hundreds of years later no one will remember the way it was...

could you imagine the thought of jesus and mary getting it on???? that is weird.

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