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Aaron Brooks coming to my office tomorrow


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Aaron is from my area and as part of an educational support thing, he's visiting some schools and school board offices tomorrow.

I know him from his high school days because my dad was his baseball coach and I actually helped out at some of the weekend practices. He was pretty cool then, I haven't talked to him since he graduated.

Is there anything anyone wants me to say to him besides "the Saints Suck"?

:laugh: :laugh:

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Originally posted by AJWatson3

ask him if he keeps in touch with any of the other SE VA sports stars from his day: Vick (obviously cousins), Iverson, Curry, Macklin, Womack, etc..

Funny, I know all of them except for Womack. Macklin went to Menchville, I coached baseball there for 7 years. He was a running back at the time. He was like Barry Sanders.

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yeah, he and womack were the best running backs in the division when i played for lafayette. i actually tackled macklin when he was returning a kickoff... or you could say the my best friend and i ran into him and as he bowled us over he fell down and his knee touched the ground. either way, i can say i tackled a player that is in the NFL!!

i dealt cards to Womack a couple of years ago. he was drafted in the 7th by the Pats (he blew his knee out in the Sr. Bowl) and was eventually cut. he came to my table once (blackjack) and he's got a tat of "Womack" written down his left arm. i asked him if he was from VA and he said, "why?". i said i played football against a guy from Phoebus named Womack. he said, "antwoine womack?" i said, "yes". then he said, "never heard of him." i just looked at him and was like that's cool, keep it on the DL. people around here are rabid about the Pats. i felt obliged to keep his secret. he was a nice guy though, unfortunately he had some problems in school and never seemed to rehab hard enough from his knee injury. he's now a backup for the Giants.

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i never met LT. he was supposed to have a charity golf event with us players being caddies (across the street at Ford's Colony), but he got busted for crack and solicitation or something like that and the whole plan went up in smoke....

my old neighbor from Williamsburg did play with him in the 70's at Lafayette though.


Lafayette was AAA (pennisula district) when i was there ('92-96). meaning we had to go against he best talent in the state. otherwise we would have been winning states at the AA level like they are now. i do remember tabb having some great teams when i was there. terry kirby was the state record holder for rushing yards, until womack (i think it was him) broke it.

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

Yeah definitley ask him how Marcus' head is these days. I am curious to see what an older cousin thinks

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Yea when I was selling cars I sold Aaron a used black Avalon for his aunt.

And any of you local guys..........do you remem the name Shenard Newby, he was a great high school player. But has shoulder problems at UVA. I recently sold him a new Sprint cell phone.

He said he had been talkin to the Jets and the Jags.

We have and had some great talent around here.


:helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

"To be the man you have to beat the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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