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Poll: Giants Interception Leader


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Which Giant's QB do you think will throw more interceptions:

Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer as he thinks about all the ladies he was mixing with while grabbing buns under center?

Eli "The San Diego Kid" Manning who will be enjoying life as a rookie QB in the NFL who inflamed many existing veteran players with his public display of cry baby during the draft and his pouting over being sent to San Diego as the #1 overall pick


Kurt "Blame it on the Thumb" Warner who may be preoccupied by the outburst of the week by his wife, Brenda, and who will crumble as soon as a defender gets close enough to yell "Boo".

My bet is on the rookie. I think that Warner will get injured early enough with the poor O-Line in NY and they will throw Manning in to earn his paycheck prematurely.

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I thought you were going to ask which DB for the Giants would get the most interceptions, and I could only think of one Giant DB off the top of my head.

As for who will throw the most, whoever starts, probably Warner. If he doesn't last the season then you know Manning as a rookie will throw quite a few (his TD/IND ratio is likely to be ugly his first year).

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the question was really meant for the 2004 season, but I agree with you that it will probably be Eli. Don't underestimate Warner, though. He is notorious for throwing a ton of picks over the past 3 years:

1 in 2003 (only started 1 game)

11 in 2002 (only threw for 3 TD's and only started 6 games)

22 in 2001 (threw for 36 TD's and started all 16 games).

Thats 34 INT's in 23 starts ... a very good average for us opponents :)

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