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Alright who's wearing a skins jersey


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Originally posted by mark327

over the weekend i sported my new Extremes skirts and hats :cool: everyday after i get home from work i change to shorts and some type of redskins skirt :cheers:

:ravensuck :gaintsuck :eaglesuck :dallasuck

I didn't know Blade started selling skirts to raise money for the site! Great typo! :cheers:

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i save my jersey for game days, although my son and i did put em on to throw the football around the other day.

i have three skins shirts: an old school t-shirt that is much loved (and very worn), a long sleeve t, and a mock t-neck. basically, one for every type of weather that we get out here. once i move back though, a sweatshirt will be ordered immediately for that colder weather.

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Originally posted by BurgundyBomber

I don't own that many shirts - actually I'm down to a Champ Bailey #24. Guess I'll start wearing that to cut the grass...

I'm in Atlanta - so where do you guys score your gear? I'll be making a run to MD soon.

If you are going to be in the DC area; Modells is affordable and normally offer a fairly decent selection of players.

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Originally posted by Blondie

The question should be:

Who is wearing a Skins jersey and nothing else!

:laugh: ;)


*Raises hand and runs out of room quickly*

No seriously though. I plan on finally purchasing a Redskins jersey this year. I really wanted a OL's jersey last year just to be different, but i have decided on buying a Portis Jersey(One of the few players that are guaranteed to be on the Redskins for years to come). So on one of my two trips to D.C. this fall to attend Redskins games, I will buy one. And if I happen to see a OL's jersey I might purchase that one as well.

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I bought a 70 Anniversary Jon Jansen jersey last season, and I must wear it atleast once a week. I plan on buying a Arrington Jersey, and a Portis jersey soon. I'm gonna alternate weeks once the season starts. Can't wait!

:cheers: :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck :logo: :helmet:

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