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Finally...a logical reason to oppose gay marriage :)

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AtB - Look at the dude who's still sitting at the bar. How many ways could you describe his expression? I'd say that might be deserving of a caption, except I realize the conflagration of responses that could draw.

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Originally posted by Thiebear

Yah o.k.

Now put the Bride and the Groom from a marriage in the other 49 states...

You would end up with the same carnage...


I think that was the point of the cartoon--it would be a bachelor and a bachelorette party in that case, and the confusion wouldn't occur. Most people on this board know my (very pro) stance on gay marriage. :)


I'll let you open that can of worms. ;)

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Originally posted by Destino

Two groups of queens fighting in a bar? Now that would really be something. Bet there would be more high pitch shrieks then at a Justin Timbflake concert.

:laugh: How very un-PC of you, Destino.

Keep 'em coming! :cheers:

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Imagine all the half-a$$ed girly punch attempts flying around the room. I'm suprised the bar would be disturbed in the least bit with that kind of weak effort.

the guy still at the bar..... "just keep those pool sticks away from me"

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