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I didn't know we could use dead people. That's why there's not a lot of Hendrix. Anybody see that skit on SNL about the band of dead people. Hilarious.

Here's my heavenly band:

Vocals: Jim Morisson

Guitar: Hendrix and SRV

Bass: Cliff Burton

Drums: John Bonham

Keyboards: Mozart

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Guest 979guy

Wally, loved the idea of Mozart for piano :thumbsup:

Kind of surprised that no one put Mark Knopfler on their list.

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Originally posted by Ancalagon the Black

Chris Robinson? Why not just put in the guy he's trying to emulate and say Mick Jagger?

I would say because Chris Robinson actually sings, unlike Mick Jagger who now warbles and drones his way through most songs...


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