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  1. Big fan of Jailbreak. The brewery and tasting room are real sharp. And the beers are excellent. The Welcome to Scoville Jalepeno IPA is one of my favorite local brews. They also do canning for a couple breweries up in PA, most notably Liquid Hero in York which has some really good stuff.
  2. Tried the Flying Dog Bloodline Blood Orange IPA Wednesday night at the Elephant & Castle. Got a free FD glass to boot! I thought it was pretty great. Very comparable to Mad Fox's Orange Whip IPA, which I really enjoy.
  3. Well that was disappointing. I've only had 2 of the 3, but the Ommegang Game of Thrones line in general has been a disappointment. The Take the Black Stout was generic and this Fire & Blood was underwhelming. Not really a red as described and the ancho chiles they pimp out don't really appear but faintly at the back end. Ommegang's a great brewery otherwise so this is irksome. Polliver... Ilyn Payne... Joffrey... Cersei... The Tickler... The Mountain... Ommegang...
  4. We'll be breaking it out Sunday night for a viewing party. And I'll be keeping one in storage to "season" for a year. The third...perhaps for the season finale.
  5. Score. I will drink what is mine, with fire and blood...
  6. I was just there at the end of February when visiting my parents in Melbourne. They'd just had a local beer festival so they only had two beers on tap, and their Not Just Another Stout in the fridge. Tried both taps and bought a bottle of the stout to bring back home with me. I also checked out Intracoastal Brewing on Eau Gallie Blvd between Rte. 1 and the river. Some really interesting stuff on tap, but they're not bottling yet. They're only about 6 months old. http://www.intracoastalbrewingcompany.com/
  7. Gonna basically copy from my post on the WNFF board, but for the ladies here into craft beer (and fellas with such ladies), my wife started a local DMV chapter of the national Girls Pint Out organization - a "national craft beer organization for women" as described on the GPO webpage. Check em out: https://twitter.com/DMVGirlsPintOut https://www.facebook.com/dcmetrogirlspintout Sometimes I'm allowed to tag along to events as the mascot.
  8. It's been significantly longer since I've ridden a bike. Unless you count pints of Fat Tire.
  9. First time I've been on the board since the 2010 San Diego game trip. First post was in the whiskey thread. Success.
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