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Can Gibbs turn water into wine?


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What I mean by this is in regards to players who a lot of us expect to be cut or moved on, players such as Byron Chamberlian, Trung Candiate, Larry Moore.

In the case of Chamberlain we are short at TE and he was a decent player for the Vikes (who run a similar sort of offense to Gibbs). It sounds like he either showed poor attitude or got into Spurriers doghouse last year once he signed (maybe it was because he couldn't block TE's:laugh: ). Can Gibbs and his staff do anything with this guy.

Ditto Larry Moore and trung, if anyone can turn these players around it has to be Gibbs, but are they too far gone? we are not desperate for the cap room yet so I suspect Gibbs will at least look at them in mini camp an give them a shot, but all 3 have to be considered as long shots to be here next year.


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Yes, Coach has shown the ability to get work out of headcases.

But, he's also shown no hesitation in getting rid of dead weight.

Don't know about everybody else, but I'm just going to wait and see which category he puts various players into, and have faith that it'll work out.

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Moore is actually a solid center. He was a good center on a Colts line that surrendered 9 sacks back a few years. He certainly wasn't as bad as a lot of guys here like to pretend he was. The problem here was more that Spurrier's offense didn't appear to recognize the inside rush as an offensive line responsibility, leaving that for the back, so very frequently inside blitzes took advantage of that scheme leaving everyone on the interior looking bad.

Now, I wouldn't be surprised to see an upgrade of some sort here. Gibbs likes centers who can move in space because he likes to do screens. We did very few screens to the running back with Spurrier. Gibbs remembers Bostic who was not dominating at the point of attack, but who was outstanding in space and may look to upgrade the athleticism at center as Moore is a plodder despite not being overly big.

Friedman may have more versatility for this sort of need -- assuming it's actually a need and not just fond memories clouding the present.

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