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'Skins fans pull for the ....Eagles??


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Should we just hope that McPhili takes it all this year so that they will immediately start the downward spiral that all the latest SB champs take these days? The East is going to be tough enough over the next few years, wouldn't it be nice to not have them stay good? Isn't everybody tired of watching them McChoke in the NFC Championship game EVERY year?? Our division record is sooo bad the last few years, and the Cardinals are in Phoenix now, Coach! No more automatic 2 division Ws in our column every year.

I know somebody's got a Randall Cunningham or Andre Waters jersey in the back of the closet- go ahead and break it out...:shot:


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I think it will be more difficult for the Redskins to sneak up and win 10 or 11 games in 2004 because the East will be stronger.

Dallas benefited in 2003 from the lack of competitiveness of the Giants and Redskins as well as the early funk the Eagles found themselves in.

I don't see a repeat of that.

Philly may come down a notch but Dallas will be active in free agency and will improve. The Giants will improve.

The Redskins CAN take a leap in 2004, I am just not sure how much of a leap is realistic to expect.

Is it possible a Patriots-like 2001 miracle season after 5-11 in 2000 is in the offing?

On the other hand would 9-7 and the chance for a wildcard be a more realistic goal?

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I agree with lowghost, unless it helps the Skins their is no way I can pull for the eagles. Even when it helps the Skins for the eagles to win I will pull for them but it hurts to. It's like popping a joint back into place it hurts but has to be done. I am hoping to see them choke again.

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Can't pull for the Eagles unless it directly helps the Skins or unless they are playing Dallas.

No exceptions.

I'm up in Philly right now ... was here during the game on Sunday. It was a blast! Couldn't believe the 4th and 26. People went nuts, but that's understandable. By the end of the game it was no secret to those around me that I was a Skin fan and was NOT pulling for the Eagles, but by then I had been hanging out with them for a few hours so I had a pass.

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The Eagles aren't one of those teams that I love to hate, that spot is reserved for Dallas, Jets, Giants and Dolphins.

The Eagles I'd classify as one of those teams that I find boring to watch on t.v. Indeed, unless someone like the Packers, Chiefs or another big play team is playing them, you catch me watching a Detroit - Eagles game......and this upcoming weekend my eyes will be on Pats-Colts, one of those teams will be the SB champs, not that Panthers that one by a fluke field goal or the Eagles who barely scraped by.

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Originally posted by Kilmer

You want to see a team collaspe...lose a third championship game in a row.

How demoralizing.

Yep, that's what I am hoping for.

If Shermen had some balls and went for the 4th and inches instead of punting the ball in the last game, we would be talking about Green Bay instead of the iggles.


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Originally posted by MAPTASTIC

I don't see how winning the Super Bowl this year makes the Eagles worse next year...

Look what it did to the Bucs. Couldn't have happened to a better bunch. :D

Winning does breed complacency if it isn't handled well. Losing two championship games in a row has kept the Eagles hungry. If they can hold Carolina to 17 points or less, they'll win. The Panthers' front four are excellent, but McNabb had a nice afternoon against their secondary. And if James Thrash is able to hurt you, you aren't that good.

Finally, the Eagles may have their complete secondary back. They've only played a few games together this season. Favre's two TD's were over Sheldon Brown. If Vincent was in there and healthy, those plays may never have happened.

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