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  1. earl

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    IMO only #44, #28 and #33 are off limits. to get #81 you need to ask Monk for permission. to get #21 you should have to wear #36 for a year and earn it. if you can't then you need to give up #36 too, for the next person who wants to try.
  2. Only way I'd max out beal is if the appeal of wall/beal can draw a big time FA. then I sign big FA and then max out Beal like the spurs did w/ leonard. But otherwise I give beal a sub max contract or let him walk or sign and trade. Even if Beal develops into prime Joe Johnson or Mitch Richmond it won't be enough. He's not a Kobe Bryant type player and now a days if your highest paid/ top player is a joe Johnson/ Mitch Richmond caliber player, then you are not a good team and you are stuck in NBA purgatory. top it all off w/ his injury history no way I'm doing this. Finally the notion to max him out to keep wall happy feels an awful like the Juwann Howard signing.
  3. My biggest concern is whether or not the team has a plan for his development and are they committed to it. RW's statement about the league changing and inferring the GSW were the model of small ball, kind of scares me. Only because it makes me think that we may try to take his 7'2 wingspan and make him play the 4. I recall Blatche and even Chris Singleton flip flopping from season to season at the 3 and 4 and frankly I think it really hurt their game. Now you could argue that those 2 clowns were going to bust anyways, but I do think it hindered them. And you could argue that the climate of the NBA is much different now and smallish skilled 4's is the way. But If they are set on making him switch positions then fine, commit to it, but I'd hate to see us take this talented but raw player and confuse the hell out of him. Drafting is only half of the equation. Developing is far more important and I do believe that this team is now conducive to doing so. I don't believe our inability to do so in the past is solely on the coaches. Frankly I think bad teams w/ no identities can't do what proven winners can in terms of plugging in players that fit systems and developing exactly what they want. I believe the wiz are now in a position to grow talent in house. i'm hoping they can do so and not repeat the same mistakes in the past.
  4. I'd trade for cousins in a heartbeat. shooters are way easier to find then legit bigs. and if EG has a strength its finding wingmen. As for the draft i'm i'd love Frank the Tank or Portis but I don't think they'll be there. after that its a crap shoot. I'd probably lean Looney, grant and then Anderson.
  5. Pass on the trade. Wiz need to improve offensively
  6. I guess is see it different. 09-10 was not a rebuild year. It was a push to get the big 3 over the top. Gil was a top tier scoring PG and a guy like steph curry wasn't going to contribute immediately. Time was running out on the big 3 so EG swung for the fences. Miller and foye were key pieces to championship teams. Just not here. Biggest mistake EG made was believing in Gilbert. I'm guilty of that too. But I guess it was obvious at the time to many of u that Gil was finished. He had most of the city fooled. I'll give u blatche was a terrible signing, but u also had to look at the state of the franchise that had basically been the farm team for Detroit and we weren't exactly attractive for FA's so we had to keep our players and overpay them. 10-11 the first year of the rebuild. John wall and traded the untradeable contract of Gil. I'd say great way to start a rebuild. 11-12. Yes Ves was terrible but look at that draft class. Busts everywhere. The best player u named slipped all the way to the Spurs. Practically the entire league passed on Leonard so I don't see how we can point to EG like he should've known. Missing on 2 picks in an historically bad draft is still missing on 2 picks. Not making excuses but he redeemed himself with the nene trade. scrutinized at the time but has proven to be huge for this team and wall. 12-13 beal and okafor and Ariza ID say a great year for EG. Again scrutinized by the haters but proved to be a great move for the team and the development of wall. Wiz probably in the playoffs this year if not for wall injury. 13-14 Otto and gortat. Rice jr was a solid pick that just didn't work out here. Wiz are now relevant in the east. So in 4 years of a rebuild EG gets 2 maybe 3 cornerstone pieces in wall, beal and hopefully porter. Rids the team of the cancers and turns them into nene, Gil's contact into Ariza and gortat. And we are back in the playoffs. Has he been perfect? No, but he's proven to be the most competent GM in my life time which may not be saying much, but it's undeniable we now have the most promising bball team this city has seen in decades and EG is responsible for it. We should definitely fire him.
  7. I don't get all the hate people still have for EG and RW. RW out coached Thibs last year. And arguably out coached both coaches this post season. In crunch time when every possession counts look at the plays the wiz execute out of TO's. We always got a great shot. Meanwhile coach of the year was having a hard time inbounding the ball. Even the back breaking play by Horford was more a great play by him then something that was drawn up. Furthermore this notion that RW didn't realize a stretch 4 would open things up until the playoffs is laughable. Ask yourself then why did we have gooden on the team all season. He played S4 last post season and we extended him. Bottom line RW had this team peaking when it counted. As for the hate for EG I think people lack perspective. The rebuild has been masterful. The knock that nene and Truth are old is accurate, but ask yourself where would wall and beal be without playing with those guys? There was no point in pursuing young talent and signing long term deals when frankly wall and beal weren't ready to be competitive. Nene, Andre miller, Ariza and PP were training wheels. Fact is now that both wall and beal have matured into stars they've benefitted from playing meaningful ball, because of the veteran training wheels. Who by the way will be off the books just in time for the biggest FA class in years. And oh by the way the culture in DC has been rehabilitated to the point that we are a desire able destination for FA's. KD or not we are going to be major players in FA moving forward. Ask yourself when was the last time you could say that about the bullets? I've been a fan since the mid 80's and I've never seen it. Those Hating cuz RW isn't pat Riley or EG isn't Red Auerbach are going to be unhappy no matter what.
  8. We do need another scorer that can create his own shot but it doesn't need to be a superstar. Dj Augustine plays that role with Chicago and Nate Robinson played it for them before that. There are specialists out there that can score in bunches and they don't necessarily need to be high paid or high profile.
  9. My thoughts are as excited as we are about this season, the truly promising thing is that wall and beal are in their early 20's. Realistically our window is in 3-5 years. Our superstars will be polished and in thier prime and hopefully Bron will be on the decline. Any drastic moves before then would be impulsive and stupid. That's not to say if opportunity knocks we can't consider, but I say let's not reach. 1. Have to lock in Gortat. 2. I would love to keep Ariza but not at the price of losing flexibility and not able to max out beal when that time comes. I'd love to give him a big short term contract that frees up when beal is due for an extension but I don't think he takes it. Unless we can trade Webster I think Ariza has to go. Hopefully Porter/ Webster can step up and maybe add a Shane battier caliber type player. Cheap, exp, defender that can knock down a 3. 3. Nene. Yes his contract sux but it expires the year we need to pay beal. I don't want to trade him for another bad contract that jeopardizes beal. Furthermore although nene isn't a superstar he makes this team a factor and without him wall/beals development is stunted cuz we don't play competitive playoff ball. His problem is he is fragile. I think instead of trading him we surround him with younger solid depth that can split minutes and keep nene fresh for the playoffs. I' d like to bring in a stretch 4 that isn't old as dirt. Pat Paterson? Keep seraphin and booker. With the money saved from Ariza I'd like to add depth at the bigs that are younger then gooden and Harrington. Pay Miller another year to backup Pg. Then sit tight and see what wall/beal develop into for another year. I wouldn't be surprised if those 2 grow into the creators and scorers this team obviously need. This also gives us some flexibility for the Durant pipe dream. But I think the primary focus is to keep flexibility w/ cap while maximizing development of wall/beal by being playoff fixtures and balancing the roster with some vets (nene,Gortat, miller). The long term vision is the year after nene is off the books , we have wall and beal both locked in long term and both are polished superstars and now we have the money to really chase a chip. Anything done now short of signing a Durant caliber player is short sited and premature as wall/beal have to grow much more.
  10. Bradley Beal looked timid and terrible early in his rookie year. not saying Porter is going to be Beal, but lets just wait and see.
  11. Wiz just need to get healthy. Webster and Harrington will come off the bench and hopefully porter can contribute by Feb.
  12. kyrie avg. the same TO's/ game. less assists and plays no D and wall has been hurt all season. Cleveland is a terrible team, yet Kryie is a smart player w/ feel and wall sucks? right. the only differnece is Kyrie can shoot. please.... not saying wall is going to be great. but his argument sucks.
  13. kyrie irving sat out most of the season at duke and still was the #1 pick. it might not hurt his stock.
  14. to me the biggest improvement in walls game is his control and his tempo. last year he was 100 MPH all the time. now he dictates the pace of the game. He picks his spots and uses the change of tempo to his advantage. This is why he is finishing at the hoop. he is staying under control and getting to spots not by his speed but his ability to start and stop. he definitley needs to improve his J and limit his turnovers but the fact that he still can have a huge impact on the game despite his short comings is extremely promising. Look at the list of 10 PG's above that are perceived to be better then wall right now, and ask yourself how many of them can get much better at what they do compared to wall. I've said it before and i'll say it again. Wall is cut from the same cloth as Jason Kidd. Consumate floor general that is elite in transition but will never be a big time scorer in the half court. That said if he's avg almost 15ppg w/o a jumper what will happend when he does develop one?