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Which athlete is more "out there" Aaron Rodgers or Kyrie Irving

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Who's nuttier   

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Kyrie. But both are delusional. Problem with guys like this and people in Hollywood and Musicians is that they think they’re smarter than everyone because they are good at one thing or another. Just because you throw a tight spiral, can hit a jump shot from anywhere or make good movies/music doesn’t make you the smartest person in the room. Obviously there are some people that are both but not these two clowns.

The sad part is is you go by Facebook and twitter comments you will notice a lot of people that agree with people like this, because they too are suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. 

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I think Kyrie's that dude who just questions everything but doesn't have answers about anything.  But he likes to think he's smart because he questions things.  However, if anyone questions him, he gets pissed because he doesn't know what he thinks.


I think Rodgers is that dude who's "done his own research" which goes against the grain of what a lot of people think and therefore people get pissed and think he's an idiot.  Like how he handled the Covid situation, he "did his own research" and talked to doctors and found out that there was an ingredient in the vaccination that he was allergic to, although he never said what the specific ingredient was. And even in his claims about being allergic to something are probably not true:  https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2021/11/5/22765656/aaron-rodgers-covid-vaccine-pat-mcafee-joe-rogan-ivermectin But that went against the narrative of everyone should be getting the vaccine and a lot of people hated him for that.  It's kind of funny, Rodgers claims he can "think for himself" but so does everyone else who disagreed with him that he should have been vaccinated.  Apparently everyone who has a hard stance on something is "thinking for themself."  


Rodgers is insufferable, IMO, not because he's a wingnut but because he's incredibly ****ing smug about everything and thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.  He's not funny, he's not colorful or anything, he's just smug.  

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They're both idiots. But Irving feels more insufferable. He's alienated multiple high level teammates and coaches across multiple different teams. Rodgers to his credit seems to be pretty well liked by most of his teammates and coaches.

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