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PAUL WOODY: Snyder's decision on Spurrier's successor due in about a week


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Green, Fassel, Rhodes top Redskins' list

Snyder's decision on Spurrier's successor due in about a week




For Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato, breakfast with Jim rolled into the weekend at Denny's.

That's Jim as in Jim Fassel, former coach of the New York Giants. And that's Denny as in Dennis "Denny" Green, former coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Redskins have an opening for a head coach. Fassel and Green are interested in obtaining such a job.

Yesterday, the Redskins completed a two-day interview with Fassel over breakfast in the San Francisco area. Fassel was there to watch his son, Michael, who plays for Boston College, in the San Francisco Bowl.

Snyder and Cerrato also planned to spend time this weekend interviewing Green, who also lives in California.

The third man they are interested in talking to is Ray Rhodes, defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Redskins are prohibited from talking to Rhodes until the Seahawks have been eliminated from the playoffs. They play at Green Bay tomorrow.

Should the Seahawks lose - they are seven-point underdogs - Snyder and Cerrato will attempt to meet with Rhodes on Monday, said Karl Swanson, the Redskins' vice president for public relations.

But even if that takes place, Swanson said the Redskins expect to take another week before deciding on the successor to Steve Spurrier.

Spurrier resigned on Tuesday after two seasons and a 12-20 record with the Redskins.

"There are preliminary interviews," Swanson said. "We want to meet with each of them again and bring them to Redskin Park."

The Redskins' timetable could be disrupted by events beyond their control. Six other teams are seeking coaches, and Fassel is a candidate for at least three other jobs: Arizona, where he was scheduled to interview today, Chicago and Buffalo.

Green already has interviewed for the Arizona job.

The Redskins appear to be the only team pursuing Rhodes.

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I think it is a sign that nobody else is considering Rhodes.

He has had 2 head jobs already and didn't really make hay in either Philly or GB.

One of the worrying things about Rhodes is how quickly the Packers regained their momentum under Mike Sherman after Ray was fired.

The team was back up to 11 wins from 8.

If anything it appeared Ray was holding the club back.

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tell ya what I hope and pray it isn't denny.he has been afine coach BUT 1-he did minnesota wrong with that bitter, threatening book he wrote 2-he has not coached for two years.we need continuity for a change.Fassel or even Reeves would make the most sense.the right coach has this team playoff bound next year.don't think that doesn't tempt suitors.

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Honestly, if it is Rhodes, I tune out until some ones shows me something and something consistent (like wins). "show me the money"...

BTW, the boys just got their butt kicked (that would be the team that kicked our butt at home...)

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Originally posted by Yusuf06

I just can't believe that neither Crennel, Smith nor Weis is on our list. Even if we want a coach with NFL HC experience, how can we explain not even giving them an interview ?

Crennel, Smith and Weis may all still be coaching for a couple of weeks or beyond. What kinda puzzles me is this two week time limit. If Green, Fassel or Rhodes are not hired by next week then there definitely won't be a decision during the desired time frame.

With these other potential candidates still coaching and barring any upsets, I have to believe Green, Fassel or Rhodes will be the next HC.

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