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Finally some HAPPY news!!!


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Amidst all the confusion, negativity, and downright depression this team is suffering from (and more importantly, this BOARD is suffering from), I thought I'd pass along some better news.

Today is the birthday of a great former Redskin, someone we all remember fondly, someone that gave us all wonderful memories. Just thinking about him and the teams he played on makes me smile and makes all this current madness seem a little less painful. Hopefully, someday we'll find another warrior like this man and he too can lead us back to glory.

Anyone know who it is?


Going once.......

Going twice.......

Last chance..........

The answer is none other than.....

#5 Heath Shuler!

Yep, he turns 32 years old today if you can believe that. Seriously, many of our failures can be traced back to that draft pick. Nothing can crush a team like gambling on a QB high in the draft and coming up empty. You gnerally anticipate a rocky beginning, so teams usually "put up" with poor early results and ignore the position, assuming the young guy will eventually come around. When it doesn't happen, it has potentially devestating effects.

Think about where we'd be if Heath was the pro bowl level QB we hoped for. Not a star we;ll say, just a solid pro bowler. We'd have a 34 year old pro bowl QB in his 10th year. Not too many guys like that play on consistently bad teams.

Heath wouldn't have been able to save Norv-- Norv would have eventually been exposed, but those years probably would have been less painful and frustrating. Instead of 8-7-1, we may have been 10-6, etc....

It just goes to show you how important EVERY big move a franchise makes truly is-- the effects can be incredibly far-reaching. It all adds up.

There have been TONS of other FO mistakes for sure. Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Desmond Howard, just to name a few, but the biggie of all biggie's was blowing it with Shuler. 10 years later and we're STILL trying to establish a QB.

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No this doesnt at all deserve a clown.... he didnt post anything fake. Although he did mislead us somewhat by calling Shuler a 'great Redskin', he didnt intentionally mislead us to think breaking news was happening. And its THIS that gets the 'clown'.

But I do appreciate you guys keeping an eye out for potential 'Clowns' and helping us keep to a minimum :thumbsup:

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