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This pic doesn't really need a caption


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Anyone ever check that show out BTW?

I've watched about 4-5 episodes with my wife. She loves the show.

I think it's despicable how these 5 men spend the whole show degrading the participant - I don't get the whole "Simon" thing on American Idol either.

Is it just me... or do "gays" appear to be largely superficial? The blonde dude on the left is the worst.. and coincidently I've been told he's the most popular of them all.

I'm not anti-gay by any means. Up until now... the only thing that aggravates me about gay man are those stupid lisps they somehow develop. No one is going to convince me that genetic.

I also abhor the idea of a man changing everything about himself just to please a woman. If she doesn't accept you for who you are... then your relationship never had a solid foundation to begin with. Save yourself the trouble and get out of it now. It's not going to work.

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