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Insomniac thread: 2019 - Week 14 Welcomes the restless,die hard drunken fans!!!

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It is December now and playoffs starts now! So with the win tomorrow against the Packer the Skins can be division winner as long as the Giants beat the Eagles. Oh yes we have to win rest of our games too - that is the clincher of course. :D


If we get beat then hello #3 pick or better. One Sunday, tomorrow, is huge for this big pendulum swing. 


So yes I am going to be a little restless tonight... come hang out with me and others as we raise our glasses to a big W tomorrow :cheers:

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Oh hail ya!!..no glass to raise here as the skins aren't playing...I have completely cut drinking down to when the skins are playing only.....I've cut liquor completely out..so its beer only for me..I'll raise my joint to y'all though!!...like I mentioned in a different thread, today was awesome!!....both the wife and I were off today kids grounded from there devises got some x mas tree decorations watched the kiddos decorate the tree and watched the Georgia LSU game and chilled..topping the night off in front of the tube watching..idk yet..sounds like home alone 2 lol..GO REDSKINS!!!

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8 AM. 10 hours before the game. (GMT.).

I think I need to turn this into a lazy Sunday and go back to bed so I’m wide awake for the Redskins (hopefully) beating the Packers and heads falling off all over Redskins Nation! 

Fan excitement/ adrenaline  only goes so far the older you get .....


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