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My sign for da Bears Game


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Originally posted by Cleotis

i often thought about bringing a sign to FedEX but i wonder if they will charge me for it. There are hardly any signs at fedex, and most of the ones I've seen in the crowd eventually make it onto TV or our jumbotron. Speaking of which why does our jumbotron shows more advertisements than football?

Going to FedEx really does suck. Why can't we see replays of a call that is being reviewed? Is there some sort of NFL rule against that? And while I am ranting about Fedex, why can't they show the scores of other NFL games more often?

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

Well, TC, somebody holding up a "trade Snyder" sign at the Saints game got on TV for a solid 20 seconds. I don't think Fox cares too much about the reality of the proposal.

Thanks OrangeSkin :thumb:

I know we can not impeach Mr. Snyder but it has a Capital type sounding to it! Sorry I just don't like the guy.

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Originally posted by fuji869

I think I will be hold up a sign during da Bears Game on Sunday that says “Impeach Daniel Snyder”

I think it has a good D.C. theme to it and it might get me on Fox. :silly:

Right on Fuji!! :cheers: FU(K what these homers say. I have been a Skins fan since 1972 and this is the most humilated I have ever been! Dan Snyder is a piece of $hit that needs to be desposed of!:puke: Look at all the talent Danny Boy has let go and are now on playoff teams. Trent Green and Shawn Barber ring a bell??

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