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Double Standard?


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When Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank delivered the grim news, Reeves reacted in typical fashion. Too proud to hang around as a lame duck, Reeves asked to be let go immediately. So, a remarkable 23-year run as an NFL head coach may have ended Wednesday with three games left in a disappointing season.

"If the decision had already been made to release me, my feelings were that I would like it to be immediately," said Reeves, the sixth-winningest coach in NFL history. "It's like calling a player in and saying, 'I'm going to release you but I want you to play three more games until I find somebody to replace you.'"

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I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Snyder but it is funny if the sports writer liked him, he would be know as a great owner that just wants to win and is willing to bring in whoever it takes to do the job but instead he is a meddlesome owner that is trying to buy a Super Bowl.

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