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GIF Breakdown: Eli Manning's Three Interceptions vs Redskins


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Here is my latest film breakdown. I took a look at Eli Manning's three interceptions versus the Redskins to see what exactly happened. These interceptions helped the Redskins dominate the first three quarters on defense and help them take the lead of the (****ty) NFC East. Also, looked at Randle's and ODB's touchdowns as well at the end of the article. Let me know if you have any questions!

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On the Randle TD, sorta looks to me like Goldson (at least I think it's Goldson) should have played over the top. Instead he's flat footed as Randle runs by. Of course, Blackmon got beat pretty bad no matter how you slice it.


It's a cover 4 look. Blackmon got turned and burned completely. It's his quarter.

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