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NFL.com: Josh Norman: Cowboys 'need to get Dez's 70 mil back'

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Josh Norman circled Thanksgiving on his calendar, eager to face Dez Bryant. The Carolina Panthers' cornerback then went out and led the shutdown of the Dallas Cowboys' star receiver.


The two went at it from the first pass of the game, when Norman swatted away a Tony Romo toss. The back-and-forth jawing began immediately and spilled over into the subsequent plays.


Led by Norman, the Panthers clamped down on Bryant, relegating the receiver to just two receptions and 26 yards on eight targets.


"Hey, they need to get Dez's 70 mil back," Norman quipped to reporters as he walked into the locker room, via the Dallas Morning News.


Bryant signed a five-year, $70 million deal in the offseason.


[...]Norman was clearly in Bryant's head early. When Panthers safety Kurt Coleman picked off Romo on the first drive of the game, Bryant and Norman stood behind the play yapping when it appeared the Cowboys receiver could have had a chance to stop a touchdown, if he made an effort.


"Me and him were having choice words," Norman said of the play, "then I pointed at Kurt as he scored and I said, 'Look at that, Now take that back to your huddle and come back again.'"

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As a fan of all things that make the cowboys look bad, this is absolutely hilarious. Especially since he called him out on his effort and the fact that Bryant would rather run his mouth than try to tackle someone on an INT. Norman's criticism about Bryant was right.


The only thing I would caution Norman about is that it's probably not smart to say a player should give money back for poor performance. I'm sure that's some sort of unwritten rule amongst players. Players normally all say "I should get what he's getting" not that someone else is overpaid. The owners already have all the leverage over the players with contracts. One day, Norman will be in a situation where his contract exceeds his performance. I doubt he would want other players advocating he give back his money or get less money.


But you know, this is his moment and he can enjoy it. He backed up his talk unlike Dez.

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