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HuffPo: After Public Outrage, Hula's CEO Agrees To Change STD App Name


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HONOLULU (AP) — A sexual health information app called "Hula" will be changing its name after complaints that it is culturally insensitive to Native Hawaiians, the app's owner said Tuesday.


Bastani said he'll continue to educate others not to associate "getting lei'd" with his health tool. 
The free app's website says its functions include helping users find an STD test center, get the results online, and share their verified STD status with people they choose. 
Bastani said the app is about "helping people retrieve and share health information."

Thought about putting this in the "name change" thread, but decided against it. :)

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Office of Hawaiian Affairs CEO Kamanaopono Crabbe said in a statement Tuesday, "We appreciate this change, in acknowledgement that no culture should be demeaned for profit or convenience."

So somebody named Kaman Crabbes thought he should come up with a better name for an STD prevention app.

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Me, I'd be terrified to even install an app like that on my phone. 


Mainly because I'm convinced that probably 95% of all smartphone apps are written for the purpose of allowing the people who wrote the app to gather as much information about you as they can, and use that personal information, later. 

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