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Great moments in Sports that you missed


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Every year has at least a handful of great moments in sports; moments people will remember for as long as they live...if they saw it. Then, there are those unlucky moments when you missed one of those moments for one reason or another. What are some of the great moments in sports you missed and why? 


Obviously, these had to have happened during your lifetime and after a point in your life when you're able to comprehend what's going on around you to a reasonable degree. For example, I won't mention Super Bowl XXVI since I was an infant when it happened. 


-Monday Night Miracle (2005): In my defense, I was a freshman in high school when this happened and I was still getting used to my new schedule. It was about midway through the fourth quarter when I decided to pack it in since it was getting late and, even at that age, I had "seen this movie before." I knew when I woke up the next morning, I'd see a 17-3 or 24-0 score. When I found out the Redskins actually won the game, I was beside myself with joy and regret. 


-Landon Donovan's winning goal in the World Cup (2010): I was taking summer classes at ECU and we had an exam that morning. I was hanging out at my favorite hang out watching the game and when the 90' mark came, I looked at my watch and realized I had to go. I find out from a classmate upon my arrival that the USA won and they were advancing. Less than five minutes after I leave, the goal happens. 


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Nice thread. I missed both of those as well. The Monday Night Miracle might have worked out even better for me, though. I also went to sleep in the third quarter (MNF started at like 915 at that time). My dad woke me up and told me what happened and that the players were all "slapping Joe Gibbs around in celebration." I couldn't believe it. One of the few times my dad has been visibly excited by the Redskins in my lifetime.

I also missed Landon's goal. I had to work, and I was outside. I had tried to tape the game (no DVR) and I messed up setting it up to record. Very disappointing to miss that.

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