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CBSports.com: It's all Wilt Chamberlain today: Journey down the rabbit hole


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Man, I have not got a chance to see this whole thing, but this looks so crazy. I had no clue just how crazy athletic he is ... video of him doing the triple jump and the high jump is insane. 



Sometimes the journey down the rabbit hole doesn't have to take you anywhere different than your starting position. It's rare this becomes the case because the nature of the internet is so tangential that it's easy break off to other subjects. That's probably why it's called the "Information Super Highway" and not the "Information Dimly Lit Back Alley." However, some subjects are so large in stature and so fascinating on their own that you can spend your entire journey focused on them.
For this week's journey down the rabbit hole, we're looking at Wilt Chamberlain. Shall we?





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