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Look What The Redskins Are Doing To My Family (Humor)


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Lol! Seriously though they are ruining my love of football.When is the last time they had a game with offense and defense both playing well!special teams? Don't even get me started! Thought with RGIII these laughingstock days were over!

Ummmm the last 7 games of 2012?

God, I wish I could choose another team.

Go ahead, you won't be missed.

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Look what the Redskins have done to my nephew!!!!


 WHAT ??!!

 You only let your kid have 1 beer??!!  There should be a bottle of BlackJack and a silly straw on the bar for crying out loud.

 And where's the crying towel, loaded water pistol, and coloring book?


 Funny thing is, that's the kid in all of us, gloom despair and agony on us...


Good ol' Hee Haw brings back memories.


 Gloom despair and agony times 3,

offense defense special teams worth pee

if we had a real coach we'd get a victory

til then we live in mediocrity

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