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  1. Okay, well I'm not Quaker/Mennonite/Amish. I'm Anglican, if you want to pin me down denominationally. Though I mostly ascribe to evangelical-free more than anything. My view of relationship between state and faithful isn't so far off yours. And I'm relying on Grace, not works, when it comes to my sabbath observance. I'm here, on a Sunday, with my family. But I still dislike the protests towards the flag. and thanks for your service, both to the nation and the Kingdom
  2. Ah, so as a Pastor, it is your stance that we shouldn't stand for the anthem or salute the flag? I know the Jehovah's Witnesses believe that. I'll pray on it. But I just don't see your point at all.
  3. Look man. You are mistating my words. ANd I did offer an apology. And if AsburySkins wants to talk religion with me, we can do so any day of the week. and twice on sundays. I don't hold myself up as anything but a layman. I'm down to learn about the faith that saved me from anyone with something to teach. But I truly didn't know he was a pastor, and he truly did come at me in a way that was not helpful. Pastor or not, it wasn't helpful. Wasn't edifying, wasn't gentle, wasn't pastoral. But was judgemental. And as we weren't discussing religion in particular (though G
  4. guilty as charged. Forgive me, I worked hard to earn the degree, and I experienced many setbacks on the journey. Should I not be proud? Of course, it wasn't meant as a brag or boast, just as information on where I'm coming from.
  5. Naw homie. There are no apparent contradictions here. Legalistic forms of national observance? I am not insisting on anything that is proscribed by (my understanding) the Law, nor by the Gospel, nor in the Epistles. Paul preached on showing respect to the powers God has placed you under, and honoring those who had the authority in this life. Our Lord said 'render unto Caesar..' If law and custom prescribe a certain way to honor the nation, how am I violating my faith by adhering to it? So long as it is not requiring me to worship foreign gods adhere to other non-Christian creeds???
  6. Bona fides that I had no knowledge of, and I apologize if I offended. Respect should be offered to the clergy, even if you vehemently disagree with them. Still, I was a bit irritated by the verse quoted to me, as it seemed to me a sly way of questioning MY faith. , Still, if we're going to be all legalistic, seeing that you, a pastor and worker for Christ, follow a team that plays on Sundays, and most likely purchase team gear, thus supporting activities that go on during the Christian sabbath, don't you think trying to check me on my own support of football takes mor
  7. Agreed. I once dabbled in Judaism. I deeply respect your faith, and I am currently reading the Tanakh. I will admit, the Torah gets, well, somewhat dry. I try to read the Bible through the year, and have managed to read it through several times. See, I'm no longer a godless Communist.
  8. And? His use of Our Lord's (well, mine. Your cousin's words) words is inappropriate in this setting. He is not behaving as a pastor, but as a combatant in a friendly argument. My being a doctor has little bearing here as well. Why do you, pastor?
  9. Well, I (in miniscule amount) help pay their salaries. Just like services I render are reimbursed in small proportion by each individual patient. The cities are funded by taxpayer dollars, and they help defray the costs of the stadia. The corporation (NFL and its constituent entities) make the policy on such things, and I disagree with that policy. That's all. They won't sanction such behavior, and they are wrong. Doesn't negate the point. If I stop watching the NFL (not happening anytime soon) it won't fold immediately. But if many stop watching, well, we might see somethi
  10. Wait, where did we get on the pledge of alliegance? They don't recite that at any games I know of. I won't sit and be lectured to on Christian beliefs by people who might possibly not be Christians. Anyone can go to Biblehub and pull out a quotation.
  11. So which are we talking about? The kneeling on the sidelines, or the staying in the locker room? If they want to stay in the locker room to protest, does that not work against the argument regarding attention? If they are on the sidelines, they are on the field (albeit not on the field of play), but still part of the program (in this case, pregame). Also, the locker room is part of the stadium, which is funded in most cities by taxpayer funds (in whole or in part). And they are in the locker room as required by the terms of their contract and employment.
  12. No, I stand by what I said. There are different aspects to the argument, and I emphasize one or the other based on the direction and comments to which I'm responding. I dealt with the substance several posts ago. And now I'm mostly dealing with the form. If you want to go back to substance, I'm your huckleberry.
  13. LOL. Who's worshiping? I don't pray to the flag. I don't pray to statues. I don't pray to paintings. Are you saying as a Jew (shanah tova my friend, sincerely) you don't stand for the anthem?
  14. Suuuuure. Optics, my friend. As I said, most of the players likely don't mean the disrespect they are showing. I was a bomb thrower in my 20s (not literally). But to the non-telepathic fellow American, it looks the same. And I'm sure at least some of them DO hate America. As is their right, of course.
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