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Eagles Week 1: The Pre-Game Post-Game Thread


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Here's how the thread works.  You pretend this is a post-game thread and that the game has already happened.  You may quote yourself for gloating purposes later.  It's most fun to quote and respond to others' predictions as if they were real, but you can ignore the ones you think are lame.  I'll get started:


Michael Vick should not be a starter.  There's no way our defense is that good.  I thought Chip Kelly had something going, based on the preseason, but that game was a joke.  I know it'll take time, but why was I afraid we'd lose this one?  The game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicates.

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I think a game ball goes to Fletch. 


We were facing a team that has always played us tough, with a new complicated offensive system, which we had no game film to prepare from.  And with two players in the secondary in their first NFL game. 


Yeah, I'm sure the coaching staff did what they could, studying college tapes, coaching discipline and fundamentals.  I'm sure they did all the preparation they could. 


But, when it came time where preparation turns to execution, the coaches don't count much.  It's up to the 11 on the field.  I think a big chunk of credit for our game, today, goes to "the coach on the field".  

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