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Lombardi March - New Redskins Song


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I haven't put a new Redskins song together in a while, and I'm so amped up for this season, that I took some time to write this and put it together.  Hope you enjoy!!!



Here is the downloadable track as well -






Last but not least, if you're in to lyrics, here are the lyrics to the track:


This is our year, our time

Our will, our way, our shine

We the Redskins nation the East about facin’

Reigning champs of the division and this year no replacin’

Back to back champions is on the goal,

But we ain’t stopping in the playoffs until we win the Super Bowl

Media is taking these words outta context

Drama that’s not there, we just asking Who’s Next?

Who want what?  When you come into our place

You getting slapped like a Silverback straight to the face

There ain’t no QB controversy, can’t you read between the lines

RG3 is just antsy in the background ready to shine

Ready to make his mark in history as one of the greatest

As a WITNESS we are grateful but all the throngs of haters

Don’t wanna see success, but son you only got ONE choice

Watch or turn it off, cuz this year we making NOISE!!

March to the Lombardi

Now we starting 2013 we going hard and

Burgundy & Gold the story unfold

Super Bowl year, marching to the trophy #4 it goes…

Best believe that we gonna get respect now

When DC is in the building get prepped for the beat down

Defense overlooked but you better pay attention

With a vicious front 7 leaving your offense defenseless

Rak and Kerrigan meet at the QB non stop and

Amerson and Rambo as the rookies ball hawking

London Fletcher ageless and a true hall of famer

Then in week 5 we getting back 2 new big gamers

In Rob Jack and Jenkins this defense getting nasty

Offense rack up points fast and fantastic

Weapons out the ying yang Hankerson developing

AlMo trucking defenders while Helu juke and galloping

Garcon is finally healthy and so is Freddy D

Thompson as the wild card racing special teams

The best team that Washington has had since 91

Lombardi March, B&G Super Bowl’s the outcome


March to the Lombardi

Now we starting 2013 we going hard and

Burgundy & Gold the story unfold

Super Bowl year, marching to the trophy #4 it goes…

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Love it.....sounds like LL.........Is it?  I turn 48 next week, I haven't felt this good about the Redskins in years. I pray RG and the team stay healthy this year and for many more to come. I am new to all of you folks here, but you are not new to me. I have been a regular reader here from around the loss of Sean Taylor...RIP...from the love of chick fillet...me too....to the west coast fast food...never been there or done that. Read heavily when Coach Z came and left. The coming of the new management....HTTR\

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Hail yeah, thanks guys. Gonna try to clean up the mix and put up a downloadable version sometime today. I threw it together so fast yesterday that it's not the best mix down. I may post the lyrics too in the OP if I get time. I'm busy packing today for a move but I'll squeeze it in.

And warskin thanks, I used to get the LL comparison sometimes when we were doing music full time. It's just a hobby on the side now and I've all but retired from music but I still play with it from time to time.

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