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  1. Signed, joined. Now can we just play (and win) some football allready.....................
  2. warskins65

    **** the Cowboys

    With it being the start to the 2014 football season, let me be the first to say, **** Dallas, and the ****ing Cowterds. I hope every team you play scores 100 points or more on your crappy defense. Enjoy the 2014 season........................
  3. Tough does not roll over when self serving media blowhards are trying to make a mockery out of our team. Can you name one person who refused to sign with the Redskins because of our name? Seriously, just name one?
  4. UnWise Mike likes golf....who would have thunk it. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, so get going.
  5. It is the off-season, so I guess we have to talk about something....right?..... Some of you folks have some real creative ideas concerning the Redskins uniform of the future. I like some, dislike some too. Just please don't change the colors. They are Burgundy and gold. NOT red and white, pink and yellow, dark red and whatever................ Anyway, have fun kids. I feel a little dirty for even posting on this thread, like admiting I watch something on Bravo.........kidding..
  6. warskins65

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    The Jags have a better shot at winning a badminton tournament.
  7. warskins65

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    If you read a little above the post you have in question, the one by Mark, you will see the Browns need to change their name as well (satire). Then Tatank, responded (not knowing or not getting said satire). Is this why this time of year is called the silly season? I thought it was Christmas, my bad. (more satire).........
  8. I rewatched the season opener for Person of Interest(Season 3) last night, loved how it ended. Thought I would share it with you folks.
  9. That was a 2 minute ad, that would have cost what, 16 million for one spot? The message, Native Amercans have lots of names they go by, Redskins is not one of them. Well no ****. I do not go around calling out, Hey, you caucasians..." for white folks, or African Americans," hey, you black people"...etc. Words only have as much power as you attach to them and how you use them.
  10. Flip, flop, flip, flop............Is Goodell reading Clinton's biogaphy?
  11. warskins65

    Random Thought Thread

    First Sunday with no football=life sucks
  12. I think I did mention The West Wing a couple of pages back.
  13. warskins65

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Can I please have some of that Kool-Aid you're drinking?....