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Well today I had to go tour Cowboys stadium..... ugh

My motherinlaw is a Cowboys fan so I was nice and went, she paid, Jerry doesn't get my money! The place is ridiculous but extremely nice. I had been there once before for a basketball game but the tour takes you to the locker room, suites, on the field, Jeruh's little box where he watches the games and stuff, actually pretty good tour. 

Well the real reason I wanted to share this was to share the one photo that was taken of me at the stadium... so here it is!

I did photo shop two things, if you couldn't tell!



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Haha, I actually went to Dallas a few weeks ago, and I asked my Cowboy fan friend if we were going to take a stadium tour. He immediately got annoyed and told me that Jerry was not going to get any more of his money until they made some changes. No tickets, no t-shirts and no stadium tours. I was fine with it.

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