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I'm a modder on an NFL video game forum. My main job is to make player headshots (For those that haven't heard of them: Link) for the game, which I find from websites. Currently, I'm helping on a project that involves the 2004 season. Because of this, I've been looking for 2004 team headshots. Most of the portraits needed can be found on APimages, which has archives that can range from the 1998 Redskins roster to the 2012 Redskins roster.


My problem is that APimages doesn't always have the portraits that I'm looking for. For example, it doesn't have the Eagles' 2004 roster. Gettyimages is a possibility, but I'm not interested in paying for them. (APimages would have the same problem, but their previews are large enough to be used.) I've found other sites that sometimes have portraits I can use, but they're very incomplete and I generally try to avoid them.


Does anyone here know of any websites that keep free archives of NFL headshots? I already have sources for current season headshots and am looking mainly for old ones.

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