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Extremeskins Dynasty Fantasy Football League Looking for One New Owner --- $30.00 Buy-In (MFL/League Safe)


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Going into its 6th season, the ES Dynasty League is looking for one new owner. We're trying to fill the spot now with a great owner, so that you have a couple of months to get acquainted with the league scoring, roster rules, bylaws, the leagues other owners, trade values, etc. before the NFL draft.

We're looking for a dedicated owner who can't get enough of the NFL, fantasy football, and specifically dynasty fantasy football. An owner who wants to take their roster and turn it into a dominant championship contender.

We're looking for someone who is active on ES, so we know you'll be around, be active, and be a big part of our discussions over in the Fantasy Football Forum.

This is NOT your average fantasy league. A very high level of activity is required and expected year-round. Previous dynasty experience is something we'd like to see, but its not required if you're an experienced redraft/keeper league owner who knows his **** and is enthusiastic about learning the ropes. Being a college football fan, or at least an NFL fan who loves to follow the draft, is also a major plus, because evaluating and drafting/trading for talent is a huge part of success in a dynasty league. If you're the type to log into your ESPN league a few times a week to make waiver wire claims and set your lineup, this league isn't for you.

Here are the most important details:

The league is hosted on MFL (myfantasyleague.com) and is a NOT a free league. There is a $30.00 buy-in, and like most legit dynasty leagues we will be using the very legitimate Leaguesafe to hold and dispense league dues/winnings.

We expect owners to be insanely competitive and active, improving their roster in any way possible and starting the best lineup possible every single week. Not logging in for days, or starting an incomplete lineup, etc. is not acceptable.

It is standard PPR scoring with 6 pts for all TD's, light return yardage and lighter IDP scoring (For reference, the best IDP ranked #59 overall in our scoring system, and that was only because JJ Watt was a freak--the next highest scoring defensive player was #158 overall).

We start 1QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 RB/TE, 1 TE, 1 WR/TE, 1 K, 2 DB, 2 DL, 2 LB

In-season rosters are 30 slots for active players. We also have 5 spots for a Practice Squad, and 3 spots for an Injured Reserve. Off-season rosters expand to 40 slots for active players, and we have multiple cut-down dates leading up to the regular season. We hold our Rookie Draft in April/May, right after the NFL draft.

For those applying who have mostly redraft experience, be aware that there is much more trading involved in a dynasty league. You will have to become comfortable with judging player values and making trades, risky or not, its up to you. But for whoever we choose, I recommend going back through past trades that have happened to get an idea of the relative values of young players, veteran players, draft picks, future draft picks, etc. You can mold your roster as you wish through the draft, FA, waiver wire, and most importantly, through trades. I can't stress enough how much trade action there is in this league. Be prepared for lots of PM's. Keep your inbox cleared out.

This is a very competitive league. We are all friendly, but we also are big fans of trash talk, ragging on each other, etc. So if that isn't your style, this probably isn't the league for you. We're looking for someone who is not only going to be the best dynasty owner we can find to fill this spot, but who is also going to be enthusiastic about the league, fit in well, and bring another fun personality to the league's ongoing thread that I already linked to.

If you think you're interested, post in this thread, addressing the following things:

1. Your previous fantasy football experience, as well as dynasty if you have owned a dynasty team before.

2. Your ability to be very active in the league, from waivers, to trades, to the league thread, etc.

3. What you could bring to our league, in your opinion. Why should we choose you?

4. Anything else that you think is relevant, go ahead and include it. It can only help us make our decision, and this is the part of the process where we'll probably see the most who will fit in best, and try the hardest.

Reply in this thread or send me a PM. We're looking for someone capable of being very active, both in terms of team management, and the social aspect here on ES and on MFL. Please keep that in mind when applying. We aren't going to make our decision based upon post count--the most important thing is still to fill these spots with capable, intelligent fantasy owners. But those of you who are well-known around ES will probably have a slight leg up, as we can count on your participation and presence.

Thanks to all who are interested in joining Extremeskins' very own dynasty league. If you post here or PM me, you'll hear back very soon, as we will vote in the newest member as soon as there's a general consensus.

The available roster:

Rodgers, Tannehill

Charles, FJax, DWill, Mendy, Dwyer, Redmen, Pead

Welker, Roddy, Colston, Hilton, Young, Adams, Cooper, Clyde Gates, M. Jenkins

Hernandez, Pettigrew, Moeaki

IDP--Seriously, you don't care. It's not a huge aspect of this league, it's mostly staying on top of matchups and trolling the waiver wire, as most owners use their abundant roster space almost exclusively for lottery ticket offensive players rather than defensive depth. Don't be intimidated by the IDP aspect if you're comfortable with the 6th string WR's and Practice Squad RB's across the league. You'll be fine.

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Hey Conn. Would love to get into this. As you know from talking to you throughout the season i have started up my own dynasty league pretty much following the rules you guys play with. Would still love to join up with you guys. If you need me to post all of my info like i did last season when you had an opening i will. Just let me know..Thanks

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why bother with idp if they matter so little?

This is a very good question, and it's one we'll be addressing next offseason. The IDP's used to be utterly useless in our league until we modified the scoring, making them more valuable. They aren't completely useless now, but they don't affect scoring enough to merit mentioning them all by name the way we've done the offensive players. In other words, your IDP's aren't going to win you a championship regardless of who you have. If you have a Patrick Peterson or a JJ Watt they'll surely help...but IDP's just don't win fantasy leagues from my experience, regardless of how much the scoring favors them.

Also, i'd like to announce that the league actually has TWO openings. So if you're interested let us know. Both of these teams are in pretty darn good shape...these aren't rebuilds.

Here are both rosters:

Team A:

Rodgers, Tannehill

Charles, FJax, DWill, Mendy, Dwyer, Redmen, Pead

Welker, Roddy, Colston, Hilton, Young, Adams, Cooper, Clyde Gates, M. Jenkins

Hernandez, Pettigrew, Moeaki

Team B:

Peyton, Cutler, Vick

CJ?K, Forte, SJax, Reece, D Richardson, M Bush, D Lewis, Ringer, McKnight

Harvin, Dez, VJax, DJax, Danario Alexander, Binns

Finley, Martellus Bennet, Housler

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I've been in a dynasty league for 21 years now.

In our league, the average points for the top 10 LB's is 8.36/ppg. For DB's it's 8.9ppg

for WR's it's 9.77.

we have a pretty good balance between offense and defense.

to me, if they are not really contributing, then why bother.

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Thanks for the interest so far guys, we're excited to fill these two spots! Sad to see good owners who don't have the time anymore leave, but it's a testament to how great the league as a whole is that the individual owners have enough respect for it to bow out when they've just got too much going on in life.

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