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A Christmas NOT to remember in 1979


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What some don't get is that this game was an important piece of the rivalry, they've had theirs, we've had ours, we have broken each others backs and hearts many times, that's what makes it so great! Rivalries are not woven out of one team always beating another, you stitch them together out of barbed wire and black wreaths, you have legions of fans going hoarse, going home in tears, you let Diron Talbert and Clint Longley and Dexter Manley and Rocket Ismail and Santana Moss all take turns at the loom, you suffer through the Cowboy's success in the '90s because it makes the wins later all the sweeter. They weave in Staubach and you respond with a "No Danny NO!" memory, they add a pinch of Irvin and you sprinkle Brunell-to-Moss X2, etc, etc and so on.

I'd like to see a comprehensive thread for Dallas week every season, one that traces the entire history of the ̶h̶a̶t̶r̶e̶d̶ , uhhhhh, rivalry from the very beginning, the rights to the fight song and the chickens and absolutely everything, one that could be bumped back up whenever the Burgundy n Gold is called upon to fight that evil.

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I'm still haunted by that game. I was 11 years old and remember crying as I sat there in disbelief.....it crushed me. The pass to Tony Hill still runs through my mind .....man we had that game and it slipped away so fast. I also remember the Redskins frantically trying to call a timeout so Moseley could set up but the refs seemed to ignore it all. :(


The funeral wreath Harvey Martin received was allegedly sent by a Dallas fan from a Rockville, MD florist hoping to inspire the Cowboys. Martin never believed it.

Harvey Martin's apology.....


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