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NFL.com: FAN Base Power Rankings: Washington Redskins in "top tier"

Commander PK

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Our loyal fan base getting some respect.

Top Tier: Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins

Nothing unites D.C. like the Redskins. I initially knocked them down a tier for mild ticket struggles, but they deserve to be among the elite. Football owns these cities.

I particularly enjoyed this comment a bit further down... :ols:

Middle of the pack: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants...

The Giants and Jets get knocked mostly for factors out of their control. The New Jersey stadium creates a small disconnect with the team and it's not a great home crowd for either squad. The Giants are a bigger deal, but neither team can unite New York City. It's more of a baseball town. If the Knicks were good, it might be more of a basketball town. The team doesn't mean quite as much to the community it calls home. Sorry.


As Mr. Aikman intimated, Cowboys fans are front runners. There are a lot of them, but it's a spoiled group overall. It's not a great home team. We are impressed, however, that the Cowboys can dominate talk radio in the middle of May. (Painkiller: Bandwagon) Fans eat up their coverage and watch them in droves. That's worth something.


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How the hell did Buffalo make it up there?

In my personal experience, Buffalo fans travel well. Probably has a lot to do with people leaving the area when all the jobs were gone, but they show pretty well. And not just for the Bills, I've been to many Sabres games, and there is always a good showing. Theyve stunk as long as we have, maybe been a little worse, but for the most part their fans have begrudgingly held on. I thnk they deserve their spot on the list.

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