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Today (Oct. 29) is the 40th Anniversary of Duane Allman's death


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Posted it in the "this day in music" thread, but figured it deserved its own.

You don't need me to babble about how amazing he was. One of the greatest who ever lived, taken from us way too soon, just shy of his 25th bday.

If you were lucky enough to see them before he died, share some memories. Or, post some good clips. RIP Skydog


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So effortless.

We don't see the emotions of these classic players today. You can see it in their faces as they play.

There are still guys around who can make a guitar scream and cry (Andy Timmons and Jeff Beck come to mind), but most guys would rather just play fast - it's easier to learn and impresses the younguns.

This clip (solos #1 and 3) shows why Duane Allman is the G.O.A.T. of slide guitar players, IMO. Like Hendrix before him, he's got a melodic vision that's totally unique:

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