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Need tickets for the Dallas/Pat's games! PLEASE!


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Thought I had some tickets on lock but I dropped the ball with lack of communication with spyder. My bad! I was in the middle of a military move and screwed the pooch. The Dallas game is a want, the Patriots game is a need! I have my two retired AF buddies coming in from out of town, a la last years Dallas game on opening day. Many of you at the ES tailgate should remember us, well maybe not us but you should remember Spanky the monkey laying the wood to Romo sits to pee! Spanky was a hit, even with Cowboy fans, and we've already purchased a Brady doll for Spanky to work over for the Pat's game.

So, if anyone has three or four tix for the Patriots game at a price an active duty and two retired military can afford, let me know! I can't drop almost $600 a ticket like the ones listed above, I've got three kids to feed! Lol

Almost forgot, of course I need green parking as well. Can't miss the best tailgate experience ever! When I say ever, I mean my buddy in CO started looking for jobs in this area so he can be close to the stadium. He said it was the most fun he's ever had at a sporting event and this is from a guy who has attended world cup soccer matches while we were stationed in Korea. His exact words "I've always been a Skins fan, but that gameday experience changed my life".

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That's cool. Now I'm looking for 2 Pats tickets, preferably under $90 each and not endzone. I try to go to a game a year, and it looks like this is my only day free. I figure I may end up stub-hubbing, but thought I would post here first.

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