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Redskins Hotel for Miami game?


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I hope it's OK to ask/post this here?

If not please accept my apology.

I am planning a trip to go see the Redskins play the Dolphins on 11-13 and I would really like to try and stay at the same Hotel the team stays in.

Would anyone here be able to help me with finding out which one it is?

Thank-You very much in advance for any and all help.

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I know teams stay at the Gaylord up here now. I suppose the game is in Miami, not sure where they stay but I'll ask a buddy.

This past weekend a buddy @ the firehouse was at the westin in alexandria - New York Giants were staying there he said. He said the place was a zoo with people following the team, ETC.

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Yes, The game is in Miami.

I was lucky one year a friend told me where to stay at Green Bay and it was a Blast.

It will be me,my wife,our 4 kids and two of their friends.

I'm really hoping someone will be able to help me with this as it would just be a huge event for the youngest kids.(Ages 10)

My two teenage daughters?

All they want to know is where is the beach?

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If you are travelling down here for the game, I personally think it would be more fun to stay at a hotel on the beach in Ft Lauderdale or Miami rather that try to stay at the team hotel. The weather will be perfect in mid November.

Not sure where the Redskins will stay, but as an example, last year my girlfriend's Xmas party was held at the Weston on Cypress Creek in Ft Lauderdale. When we arrived we saw a bunch of Brown's fans in the lobby. Turns out this is where the Browns stayed when they played the Dolphins. This was an average hotel right off the highway in an average neighborhood. To me it made no sense for a Brown's fan to fly down for a game and stay in a hotel there...when for the same price they could have stayed at the beach.

I assume the Redskins hotel will be similar since staying at the beach would be a distraction for the team.

Anyways, I recommend getting yourself a place on the beach, have some fun in the sun for a few days, then go hit the game on Sunday. Save the fan experience of the team hotel for a cold weather road trip. :2cents:

Enjoy your trip! :cheers:

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Does anyone have any insight on this? I too would like to stay at the team hotel and try to get some autographs for my collection. Any information you all can provide in terms of which hotel the skins might be staying at would be greatly appreciated.


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Good luck. Bruce keeps this info way under wraps. Notice how it's no longer in the Media Guides?.

For example,the Carolina game,Murf didn't even know the hotel until his flight landed the day before the game.

By keeping it under wraps,it cuts down on the circus of fans that want to mob rush everyone for an autograph or whatnot.

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