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  1. You guys are awesome. Up to 117 responses so far. Keep it up. Sam Fortier with the Post just shared it on Twitter. Feel free to share with other fans you know. https://twitter.com/Sam4TR/status/1343207650184593408?s=20 Let's get a win today!!!!! Haven't been this excited for a game in years. Love it.
  2. As a fan, I am right there with you. 'Colors' was easily the most frequently referenced aspect of the brand in our preliminary survey from a couple of weeks ago. Not all for B&G though. There were quite a few who preferred a complete reset of the brand - aligning more with Nats/Caps/Wiz colors. One of my colleagues on this study has been arguing with me about this idea of brand friction. To me, as a fan, I want the team to keep as much of the old brand as possible. The colors, the fight song tune (even if we have to change a few words), etc...there's so much equity there as w
  3. Thanks to those of you who have completed the survey so far. Let's keep it going! HTTWFT!!!!
  4. Hello again fellow WFT fans, A couple weeks ago, I posted a link to a very short preliminary survey looking for feedback on your preferences for a new WFT brand. I posted it here and over on r/WashingtonNFL. We ended up with 172 responses. Very insightful stuff. THANK YOU! As promised, here is the bigger part of the study based on the feedback we received. The first page of the survey has more details on what the survey entails, but in short, you'll find eight scenarios with different "conditions" for a hypothetical new team brand. These bra
  5. Thank you to everyone who has replied so far. I'm up to 80 responses. Keep 'em coming. As I noted, this is the first part of a two-part study. Hopefully within a month, I'll have the next phase ready to go with the bigger survey looking into fan preferences for the new brand. This initial questionnaire is guiding that more in-depth effort. Thanks again!
  6. Hey fellow WFT fans - I'm a long time lurker on this board (as well as r/washingtonNFL), making only an occasional post when I need to vent. I know there's been lots of discussion since the team dropped the Redskins nickname about what the new name should be. This isn't meant to be a retread of those conversations. I am a professor at the University of Cincinnati studying consumer behavior. I'm also a die-hard WFT fan (born in 1981 so I do have memories of the Gibbs 1 era). This team rebrand has given me the opportunity to combine my two passions into a research proj
  7. I agree. Could've had that last year. 4-2 start, and then blew the Lions and Bengals games. We easily should've been 6-2. Those two games grind on me more than the Cardinals, Panthers, or Giants game. Still can this year. Every team in NFC is average except the Eagles. And we don't have to play them again. Next 4 are tough, but not one of them is as good as Philly or KC. If we somehow go 3-1 over next 4, we'd be 6-4. I could see us at 11-5 in the 5 spot. Geez, that would be an 8-2 finish, but it's doable. We've only lost games to the 2 best teams in the NFL. Beaten eve
  8. We're half a game out of the six spot which is held by GB (who will lose more than they will win going forward). Win next week and we're fine. Dallas D has looked pretty bad this season. Just gotta get healthy and navigate next 4 games at 2-2, and we'll be poised for a run with weaker end of schedule.
  9. Yes. That B&G shirt is perfect. Is there a store or vendor locally that carries shorts like this? Or I guess online? I'm having trouble finding these types of shirts.
  10. Hope this is the correct thread for this question: I'm looking for a 'skins shirt that doesn't use the logo or team name (please, no debating the issue here). I'm a 'skins fan living in Cincinnati, and here we have several local tshirt store that make local sports team themed shirts using colors and other likeness affiliated with the team without actually using the name Cincinnati Reds or Bengals. Are there any shops like this in the DMV? I'm coming into town for the Raiders' game and I'd love to stop into a local tshirt shop and see if they've got any uno
  11. I've been a long time lurker on this board - very few posts, but I feel compelled to finally post on this topic. I'm 33 and have been a Redskins fan as long as I can remember. Like all of you, I do not use the term 'Redskins' with any racial intent, nor does Snyder or anyone else with the team. While this debate has certainly gotten louder over the last few years, it's not a new issue. As a 'skins fan, I'd always turned a deaf ear to this debate chalking it up as political correctness. To be sure, I am still not sold. I agree with many of you that this is a "white media" contrived deba
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