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ESPN Rumors: Jonathan Baldwin hurt in locker room brawl


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UPDATE: Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley had little to say about the fight between Thomas Jones and Jonathan Baldwin after the team's preseason loss to Baltimore Friday night.

"Jonathan Baldwin did not play tonight due to injury," Haley said after the game. "As I say in here a bunch, that's the extent of what I'm going to talk about it.

"As with many things with our team that I come back to, we fall into injuries being in the family business category." Haley said nothing about when Baldwin might return.

Jones, meanwhile, did not deny there was an altercation, but refused to speak about it.

"If its not a football question, I'm really not interested in answering it," Jones said.


UPDATE: A few hours before news of Jonathan Baldwin's locker room fight broke out, Nick Wright of KCSP 610 reported that he'd heard whispers of Baldwin's attitude problems, quoting an anonymous source: "Diva, spoiled, doesn't wanna listen. Can run a Go and a Slant, and doesn't wanna work."

ESPN AFC West blogger Bill Williamson shares his thoughts on the matter (see below).


Nick Wright of KCSP 610 reports that Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin injured his wrist in a locker-room brawl with teammate Thomas Jones. Baldwin is expected to miss the rest of the preseason.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune points out that Jones has had fights with teammates before, including punching Cedric Benson in the head when the two were with the Chicago Bears.

And since Jamaal Charles is clearly superior to Jones (6.4 yards per carry to 3.7 for Jones), we feel the need to point out that if he had been in the fight, he'd have torn Baldwin's entire arm right out of the socket.

- Vince Verhei

Bill Williamson

Well, I think that's one receiver off of Hankerson's "hit list" - receivers taken before him that he'll outperform.

Glad we took Hank and didn't have the chance to get Baldwin.

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Because there have been so few successful diva WR's?

The diva WRs that were successful were also workaholics and obsessed with perfecting their craft. If what I'm reading is any indication, this doesn't accurately describe Baldwin.

The only diva receiver in the modern NFL I know of who managed to dominate without much backwork was Randy Moss, who become worthless once his speed went.

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I don't wish a broken hand on anyone, but this story is the reason I picked Dwayne Bowe in my fantasy draft yesterday afternoon.

Shoulda picked him anyway,, Bowe is a stud. No rookie is going to change that.

Haley is a Parcells guy, I don't think this signifies he's lost the locker room.. I like him, actually,, I think he'll be fine.


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