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Demon Zombies. Yeah you heard me.


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So I rented [REC]2 from the last blockbuster anywhere near me. I was looking to satisfy my horror appetite but figured I'd be getting another generic movie. I didn't realize the movie was in Spanish, which I cool as I speak it. I didn't realize it was the sequel to the movie Quarantine remade for Americans.

Turns out much like Hollywood did Doom they took out the demons and replaced them with lame rabies. This movie featured swat v demon zombies. It was exorcist meets 28 days later meets handheld camera gimmick. But back to the point: demon zombies. Demon frigging zombies!

Good times.

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The child demons were awesome especially the one that goes running across the ceiling backwards. That's pure horror goodness!

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I havent seen Rec 1 but I did enjoy Quarantine.

I also did see Rec 2 and was able to follow -it was good and jarring as hell.

I did the same thing you did. Watched Quarantine and then Rec 2. I actually didn't feel like I hadn't seen the first one especially considering the last scene was exactly the same.

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