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Brad Maynard?


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Im a big fan of field position and kickers. We always get screwed with field goal kickers but I wouldnt mind signing Maynard and letting go of Bidwell

I dont know much about the two of them, but from just looking at their overall stats and age and what not.. they seem to be comparable... Why would having Maynard be better than Bidwell? What about Sam P?

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Only kicker that wows me is Mason Crosby. packers def wont let him go. Maybe Olindo Mare from seattle other than that nobody on the board looks much better than Gano. Akers is getting old and Graham isnt what he used to be.

Maynard is a punter.

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Maynard appears to be significantly better than Paulescu but we've been here before. He's been around a long time and knowing our luck, he'll blow out his hip too. It seems like most teams have no trouble locking up a decent punter for ten years whereas we always pick those guys up after their original team cuts them loose due to old age. Of course when we try bring in a rookie they are all even worse. Just one of the may joys of being a Redskins fan.

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From what I've seen thus far...


*Ben Chappell, QB (undrafted free agent from Indiana)

*Shaun Draughn, RB (undrafted free agent from North Carolina)

*Kevin Gildrey, TE (undrafted free agent from South Florida)

*Santana Moss, WR (agreed to re-sign as free agent)

*Willie Smith, OT (undrafted free agent from East Carolina)


*Josh Bidwell, P (to be released)

Donovan McNabb QB

So it looks like Josh Bidwell is practically gone....so a new punter would be great...haven't really paid attention to Maynard, but it certainly seems like we haven't had a punter since Matt Turk, and haven't had a reliable kicker since Chip Lohmiller. I think Vinateri is available as well...assuming the colts don't resign him, and garret hartley from New Orleans....

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